Konker Platform API



Konker Platform API uses the OAuth protocol to allow users securely access data.

Before making REST API calls, you must get an access token using OAuth 2.0.

You can see the API endpoints documentation and interact with them on this page.

Get OAuth 2 Access Token

Swagger Authorization

To use Swagger endpoints:

  • Login using your email and password: here
  • Click the 'Authorize' button in upper right conner


Basic Entities

  • Devices: physical devices
  • Gateways: connection point between devices and the Internet
  • Routes: delivers an incoming message to another device or to a REST destination
  • REST destination: HTTP based RESTful URLs
  • REST transformation: REST operations that can edit (enrich, convert, etc) the device messages

Organization & Application

A user belongs to an organization.

An organization can have multiples applications.

An application is a repository of basic entities.

For instance, you can organize your devices in applications if you have many IoT projects.


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Each device has a key and a password. The 'device credentials' operations manage these credentials.

The Platform will receive the device's messages. The 'events' operations list these messages.

Custom data lets you store any additional information of a device that you need (like device's manufacturer details).

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Devices Configuration

A device can probe the platform to receive its configuration information.

A configuration is based on the application, the device model and location set to the device.

The locations are organized in a hierarchical (tree) structure. Each application has one root location. Each location can have multiples sublocations.

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Device Health

It is possible to create alerts to verify the device status.

Types of alerts:

  • Silence: Check if the device stopped to send messages after a number of minutes.

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